Your Credibility: It is Worth Something!

…many people in the workforce have not invested in the scholarly process, but have learned scholarly ways, and may have attained extraordinary academic, vocational or technical skills. Leaders recognize the value of; scholarly knowledge and expertise from application and experience.

5 Weeks In! Bragging Rights for February 2015?

Tweet Translation? No matter how excited and psychologically pumped you are about a goal, your potential to successfully achieve it, is determined by your day-to-day, hour-to-hour actions. Goal planning is essential to craft your momentum. Bottom line: Excitement ≠ Momentum. WHAT?!! Does this mean that my joyful anticipation of the “svelte, 20 pounds lighter, me” […]

Four Solopreneur Stories: How Their Focus Became Success

A naïve view is to believe that solopreneurship answers the challenges of poor personal cash management, frustrations with micromanagers, rigid schedules and challenges with time management, or any of thousands of issues that human beings face when they are employed by someone else.

Solopreneur: It’s About Time and Money

Regardless of the inspiration, the promise of autonomy and potential profitability that rests solely on the strengths and talents of these lone rangers, and rangerettes, offers an appealing alternative to traditional business models. The challenges rest within the independent, self-governing model; solopreneurs do everything themselves.

Why Do We Hide? Because We Can!

  • March 28th, 2012
  • Leadership
  • FreyWorks & Associates

If you want to create a sense of ownership, of responsible, creative behaviors in your organization, the relationship balance hinges on trust-building. Leaders must exercise and demonstrate integrity.

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